CIRCULAR - June 08, 2016

This is to reiterate, with reference to compressing processing procedure for conversion of PIO cards to OCI cards and in continuation of Ministry’s message in this regard dated 17.05.2016, that for the purpose of conversion of PIO cards to OCI cards, Missions/Posts should not insist on production of all documents as required while applying for a fresh OCI card. The only documents that should be asked for are:-
(a) a copy of valid PIO card and
(b) a copy of current valid passport.
2. Based on the above two documents and a confirmation from the original PIO card issuing authority regarding the genuineness of the PIO card, the issuance of OCI card should be approved.
3. All our Missions/Posts abroad are requested to note that the deadline for the conversion from PIO cards to OCI cards is June 30, 2016. This may be given suitable publicity.